Savings & Investments

Are you concerned by the current economic climate and wondering where to go with your finances?

Are you unsure of the best place for your money?

With interest rates at such a low on our bank current accounts, we will work with you to create detailed and individual financial plans.

Have you built up a sum of money, or received an inheritance, which is earning very little interest and is being eroded by the effects of inflation? As we are independent, we have access to the whole of the market and its vast choice of investment products.

It is most important that your choice of investments matches your personal attitude to risk and also takes full advantage of your taxation status.

By providing you with regular updates and reviews, we will work together to monitor the performance of your investment products.

You may want to save for a specific purpose, such as childrens university fees, a deposit for a house or maybe a special holiday, in which case you may wish to save on a regular basis. There are multiple options for regular savings plans, on which we can advise which would be most suitable for your circumstances.

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