Life Assurance

Most people think nothing of paying to insure the family car or the house and its contents but have you made provisions for your family and its wealth and lifestyle in the event of your death?

Would your family be able to continue to live the comfortable lifestyle they live today without the main bread winners income? Would you be able to cope with the loss of your partner and the income they provide to the running of the family? Who would care for the family whilst you are working? Childcare can be very expensive.

Does your employer pay extended sick leave? How would you meet your financial commitments if you were unable to work due to long term illness? We can work with you to create a detailed plan in order to help protect your family and wealth. The market offers a large choice of different types of life protection policies covering a huge variety of needs: so your policy is tailored to you.

We can also arrange a wide range of business protection policies such as:

  • Key person protection
  • Share protection

protect what matters most